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      We offer free shipping on all orders throughout the United States. And, we choose USPS/UPS to deliver your orders from the warehouse near your delivery address for a fast shipping experience.

      Normally, it’s 3-day delivery. However, it can be up to 5-days depending on holiday promotions and our buyer’s shipping address in all United States territory.


      There are many reasons for the return. We will carefully review and treat them to come up with solutions that take our buyer’s experience into account.

      Our store provides free shipping on all orders when you shop. Make sure the returned product is intact and can be sold again. And, we charge you for 30% of order value as a restocking fee.

      Pay the return shipping at your cost. Once it’s delivered at our warehouse, we will refund you immediately. Please write to our customer support (, submit your problem, and we will provide a quick solution. 

      We hope every order satisfies our valued customer.