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      Blog Posts — living room decor

      Making Your Home Festive with Seasonal Decor

      During the winter months, seeing homes and businesses adorned with pumpkins and hay bales, or even just twinkling lights, we instinctively feel part of the upcoming seasonal joy that accompanies each month of the season. But putting up lights, finding just the right array of pumpkins, or locating something – anything! – appropriate for all of the seasons and holidays that we love to celebrate can be a time and creativity challenge for most people.

      But the seasonal holiday decor and the feelings of happiness that these reminders can bring is hard to resist. When you are looking for decorating ideas for your home to celebrate the seasons and holidays throughout the year, Winder Decor has some fun all-season items that can provide that seasonal excitement all year long. Let's look at the different ways you can freshen up your Holiday & Seasonal decor all year long with a few pieces that transition through all of the seasons beautifully, or maybe even find the perfect Father's Day Gift.

      Let Your Front Porch Welcome in The Seasons

      Instead of searching for seasonal decor to adorn your front porch that must be swapped out or updated each year, you can let a gorgeous sign with a seasonally appropriate attachment do it for you. Winder Decor has a gorgeous solution that works with any exterior of a home to provide a warm welcome for guests while also reflecting the charm and friendliness of a seasonal display.

      At nearly 4 feet tall, this wooden welcome sign stands sentry near your front door, ready to greet your guests all year. It can be hung or leaned up against your porch area for easy display. With a quick assembly using the included wrench, this sign will be ready to show your hospitality in no time. Available in either natural wood tone or black, the sign arrives with 8 seasonal attachments that can be swapped out at a moment’s notice to reflect the seasonal cheer. Included icons are snowman, hearts, bunny, shamrock, patriotic hat, flip flops, pumpkin, and turkey.

      Patriotic Pride

      Why not let your indoor or outdoor decor reflect your patriotism as well as the seasons? With Winder Decor, you have two fun and festive decorating ideas to show your love of the seasons while you celebrate Americana all year long.

      What better way to be a proud American than to display a rustic map of the US adorned with 11 interchangeable seasonal icons. Made of durable MDF that won’t fade or weather like untreated wood, this map looks perfect on a porch greeting your guests. The rope hanger accents the black scripted reminder of “home” on the map and the icons charmingly dangle in the center, completing the word with your choice of icon to reflect the season. Icons included in this map are snowman, heart, leprechaun hat, bunny, flower, patriotic star, ice cream, beach ball, pumpkin, and turkey.

      Nothing says Americana more than the iconic red pickup truck. Why not put a darling rustic wood truck one in your home to welcome guests? This red wooden truck comes with a reversable base as well as 16 different icons to display in the bed of the truck to bring out the seasonal and holiday spirit in your home. A perfect Father's Day Gift, dad will love the truck theme, reminiscent of days gone by but with a modern twist. In addition to the football and baseball icons, the other included icons are the apple, cupcake, heart, shamrock, bunny, flower, flag, beachball, leaf, jack-o’-lantern, ghost, turkey, tree, and ornament.

      Unexpected Seasonal Displays

      While we all have come to expect seasonal displays such as a Christmas tree or on the mantle, don’t forget that you can create festive places throughout your home all year long.

      For example, this versatile black shelf can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or other multi-use room to hold what you need at hand all while reflecting seasonal themes. Created as a paper towel holder, this shelf also arrives with removable hooks to hold towels, mugs, or just about anything you need. The decorative “home” inscription in white is accented by one of the 8 seasonal icons included, giving plenty of flexibility in holiday decor. The icons for this shelf will represent seasons all year, and those included are the smiling snowman, heart, bunny, flower, patriotic star, beachball, jack-o-lantern, and turkey.

      Another way to integrate Holiday & Seasonal decor into everyday living is this useful tiered tray mug holder. The top metal finial is removable and is replaceable with the 4 seasonal icons, giving this darling wooden or rustic white metal display seasonal cheer. Not only for holding mugs in the kitchen, but this flexible multi-level display is also perfect to show off your seasonal or practical displays in any room, year-round. With a handy swivel feature built in, this spinning tray comes with 4 fixed hooks to use for hanging or display along with the following icons: snowflake, flower, patriotic star, and jack-o-lantern.

      Perfect Inside or Outside Your Home

      Another adaptable sign with seasonally changeable icons is this handsome natural wood and white metal sign that arrives with 12 seasonal icons to show your love of celebrations all year. This rustic display come equipped with a sturdy rope hanger attached and decorative greenery festooning the black and white gingham bow. Place this piece near the front door or anywhere you wish your guest to feel welcomed to your home. Icons included in this display are the snowman, gingham heart, gingham shamrock, gingham bunny, flower, sunshine, patriotic star, watermelon, pumpkin, witch, turkey, and Christmas tree.

      For the sign-lover in your life, this circular Welcome to Our Home sign is just the crisp black and white addition that every home needs. Adorned with a gingham and burlap bow and hanger, it will show off your hospitality no matter where it is placed. Place this sign near other seasonal displays to accent them year-round without having to change out any icons on this design.

      Amazing Decor And Decorative Accents For Enhancing Your Home in 2020

      Is your house due for a decoration upgrade, but you have a low budget and insufficient time? This article will lead you to amazing decor and decorative accents to enhance your home this season.  Here are some trending home decors you can utilize to make an amazing design for your home. 

      With something as simple as a colorful lightbulb, accent wall, a fashionable throw pillows, seasonal decorations, and so many other kinds of trending home decor. These decors will give life to your space and make your home look refreshed and refined. You don't have to rush to make these happen. All you need is to take it step by step, and before you know, you'd have turned your space into a paradise with the best decorative accents.

      Kinds of decorative accents to introduce to your home to give it a new look

      1. Reupholster Your Furniture

      Your furniture is one thing visitors see first as soon as they enter your home. Reupholstering your furniture will magically freshen up the whole place. You could make use of eclectic decorating and make all the juxtaposition in your room blend up with the furniture - art placement, mirror, fireplace, pottery, side chairs, and stool can be rearranged to complement your furniture.

      2. Touch up the Walls

      The wall is another thing to consider when trying to spice up your home decor. Many individuals give less attention to their walls, and this contributes greatly to how your home looks. Freshen it up with some beautiful paints and use some amazing decorative accents to beautify the wall strategically. Create a space on the wall for a fun gallery and display your arts, pictures, and memories.

      Oversized artwork is not oversized when rightly placed in your room. You can choose between a large scale photography or an abstract and bold decor to make a perfect statement on the wall. It's your room, so make it the best you can. 

      3. Install New Lighting

      Do you know lighting can create a calm atmosphere and make your home a paradise? Lights can single-handedly polish up your home. Not just any kind of light, fancy and colorful lights - a brass pendant light is a perfect example. It makes your space look sophisticated and warm up more than what an ordinary table lamp would do. This setting in your bedroom can set your home ablaze with its magic.

      4. Introduce Florals

      Flowers are beautiful and bring life to your home. A lovely floral arrangement that is strategically placed can beautify the whole place. The flower vase alongside the artwork and faucet is a combo that makes people get into your home and pass good comments.

      5. Show Off an Antique

      Many people see this as less of a concern. Whether old or new, a beautiful antique on the shelf, table, or hanging on the wall is another beautiful attraction to behold. Depending on your space's size, a small or bold antique can give a new feel and enhance your home as well.


      There are lots of decorative accents available in stores online and offline. However, creativity is needed when trying to place these things. Let your imagination work, and you could search the internet to see different kinds of trending home decor to inspire you. Set up a new look in your home today, and you'd always be happy to go back home to ease your stress after work.


      (Special thanks: this article is created by our amazing contributor: Faith Adanna)