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      Making Your Home Festive with Seasonal Decor

      During the winter months, seeing homes and businesses adorned with pumpkins and hay bales, or even just twinkling lights, we instinctively feel part of the upcoming seasonal joy that accompanies each month of the season. But putting up lights, finding just the right array of pumpkins, or locating something – anything! – appropriate for all of the seasons and holidays that we love to celebrate can be a time and creativity challenge for most people.

      But the seasonal holiday decor and the feelings of happiness that these reminders can bring is hard to resist. When you are looking for decorating ideas for your home to celebrate the seasons and holidays throughout the year, Winder Decor has some fun all-season items that can provide that seasonal excitement all year long. Let's look at the different ways you can freshen up your Holiday & Seasonal decor all year long with a few pieces that transition through all of the seasons beautifully, or maybe even find the perfect Father's Day Gift.

      Let Your Front Porch Welcome in The Seasons

      Instead of searching for seasonal decor to adorn your front porch that must be swapped out or updated each year, you can let a gorgeous sign with a seasonally appropriate attachment do it for you. Winder Decor has a gorgeous solution that works with any exterior of a home to provide a warm welcome for guests while also reflecting the charm and friendliness of a seasonal display.

      At nearly 4 feet tall, this wooden welcome sign stands sentry near your front door, ready to greet your guests all year. It can be hung or leaned up against your porch area for easy display. With a quick assembly using the included wrench, this sign will be ready to show your hospitality in no time. Available in either natural wood tone or black, the sign arrives with 8 seasonal attachments that can be swapped out at a moment’s notice to reflect the seasonal cheer. Included icons are snowman, hearts, bunny, shamrock, patriotic hat, flip flops, pumpkin, and turkey.

      Patriotic Pride

      Why not let your indoor or outdoor decor reflect your patriotism as well as the seasons? With Winder Decor, you have two fun and festive decorating ideas to show your love of the seasons while you celebrate Americana all year long.

      What better way to be a proud American than to display a rustic map of the US adorned with 11 interchangeable seasonal icons. Made of durable MDF that won’t fade or weather like untreated wood, this map looks perfect on a porch greeting your guests. The rope hanger accents the black scripted reminder of “home” on the map and the icons charmingly dangle in the center, completing the word with your choice of icon to reflect the season. Icons included in this map are snowman, heart, leprechaun hat, bunny, flower, patriotic star, ice cream, beach ball, pumpkin, and turkey.

      Nothing says Americana more than the iconic red pickup truck. Why not put a darling rustic wood truck one in your home to welcome guests? This red wooden truck comes with a reversable base as well as 16 different icons to display in the bed of the truck to bring out the seasonal and holiday spirit in your home. A perfect Father's Day Gift, dad will love the truck theme, reminiscent of days gone by but with a modern twist. In addition to the football and baseball icons, the other included icons are the apple, cupcake, heart, shamrock, bunny, flower, flag, beachball, leaf, jack-o’-lantern, ghost, turkey, tree, and ornament.

      Unexpected Seasonal Displays

      While we all have come to expect seasonal displays such as a Christmas tree or on the mantle, don’t forget that you can create festive places throughout your home all year long.

      For example, this versatile black shelf can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or other multi-use room to hold what you need at hand all while reflecting seasonal themes. Created as a paper towel holder, this shelf also arrives with removable hooks to hold towels, mugs, or just about anything you need. The decorative “home” inscription in white is accented by one of the 8 seasonal icons included, giving plenty of flexibility in holiday decor. The icons for this shelf will represent seasons all year, and those included are the smiling snowman, heart, bunny, flower, patriotic star, beachball, jack-o-lantern, and turkey.

      Another way to integrate Holiday & Seasonal decor into everyday living is this useful tiered tray mug holder. The top metal finial is removable and is replaceable with the 4 seasonal icons, giving this darling wooden or rustic white metal display seasonal cheer. Not only for holding mugs in the kitchen, but this flexible multi-level display is also perfect to show off your seasonal or practical displays in any room, year-round. With a handy swivel feature built in, this spinning tray comes with 4 fixed hooks to use for hanging or display along with the following icons: snowflake, flower, patriotic star, and jack-o-lantern.

      Perfect Inside or Outside Your Home

      Another adaptable sign with seasonally changeable icons is this handsome natural wood and white metal sign that arrives with 12 seasonal icons to show your love of celebrations all year. This rustic display come equipped with a sturdy rope hanger attached and decorative greenery festooning the black and white gingham bow. Place this piece near the front door or anywhere you wish your guest to feel welcomed to your home. Icons included in this display are the snowman, gingham heart, gingham shamrock, gingham bunny, flower, sunshine, patriotic star, watermelon, pumpkin, witch, turkey, and Christmas tree.

      For the sign-lover in your life, this circular Welcome to Our Home sign is just the crisp black and white addition that every home needs. Adorned with a gingham and burlap bow and hanger, it will show off your hospitality no matter where it is placed. Place this sign near other seasonal displays to accent them year-round without having to change out any icons on this design.

      Simple Guide to Getting A Valentine Day's Gift

      Wow! Valentine Day, the season of love, is fast approaching, and it's a moment where love and romance take over the atmosphere. As the day is fast approaching, many couples or partners find it difficult finding that unique gift to give each other. Good to know that a Valentine Day's Gift need not be expensive. The gift has to be meaningful as an expression of love. This article will feature two lovable gifts that you can buy for your loved ones in a season like Valentine's. These featured products are affordable, and due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, you don't need to stress. The gift can be delivered straight to the receiver's location.

      Featured Valentine's Day Gift For Your Loved Ones

      1. Truck Welcome Home Sign

      This is a seasonal and Interchangeable 12 pieces gift. This is an affordable Valentine's day gift. This welcome truck sign can be used to decorate your tabletop or hung on the wall. It makes the home look beautiful, and a welcome sign that your family members and visitors will appreciate. It has ten icons packed and can be used for every major holiday. One good thing about this gift item is that you can buy a 5% discount off on Winder Decor when you pick two of this item, using the coupon code "TRUCKLOVE".

      red truck hanging sign

      2. Plaid Bow Truck Sign

      Another fantastic Valentine's day gift for your loved ones is the plaid bow truck sign. It is a seven-piece seasonal gift on Winderhome. This decor gift is used to cast a country charm in your lovely home. A package of this gift comes with six special seasonal icons such as:

      • Valentine's Day heart 
      • Easter rabbit
      • American flag
      • Birthday cake
      • Pumpkins
      • Christmas tree

      The plaid bow truck sign can turn your living home into a lovely space for you. Purchase two of this gift item and get a 5% discount off using the code "TRUCKLOVE".  red truck welcome sign

      Guidelines For Buying That Special Valentine Gift

      Personality: Make sure to have in mind your partner's personality type when declining on the right gift for him or her. Knowing your partner's personality type fractals helps build confidence in that relationship. Having full knowledge of their needs or what you think you buy will make them happy without being too predictable. Avoid getting what will not be thrown into the trash. A Valentine day's gift is significant, and it's one felt with memory. Getting that gift which will be loved is important as your partner will always smile when they think about you. So endeavour to go for a gift that suits her personality type.

      Home Delivery: Especially in this current coronavirus pandemic, one of the guidelines for buying Valentine's day gifts is making sure the online gift store can deliver the gift to the receiver's location. This rule will keep you and your loved ones safe from the spreading virus.

      Simple yet Classy: It is not just spending all your money on Valentine's Day gifts and celebration. Valentine Day's gift only makes more sense when it expresses one's love for their partner. When buying that valentine's gift, try to weigh your capability and make it look simple but classy. Try something simple like the expression of life. Avoid making it too shoddy as it might send a wrong signal to your partner. Look out for gifting companies that offer several gifting options which will put a smile on your partner face. 

      Surprise: Getting a nice gift is one thing, but presenting it in a way that makes your partner happy. A surprise gift reaching your partner plays a key role in making their valentine day special for them. Spending expensively on an unplanned date is not the only way of giving your partner that surprise. Getting an item that is not expensive but delivered uniquely can also help to strengthen your relationship on Valentine's Day.

      Lastly, Think Your Budget: It is very sacrosanct to think about your budget before surprising your partner with that gift. It is never a bad idea to save cash for Valentine's Day but don't beat yourself too much while at it. Yes, nothing is free, yet, online gift stores like the present us with lots of amazing options to choose from when finding that perfect Valentine Day's Gift.

      Join Our Splashing Shop n Reward Program 

      Conclusively, we have already begun our show of love and generosity to all our esteemed patronizers in preparation for the forthcoming love season. We have a mouthwatering reward program going on where you can shop and win points. The reward program is available, and trending on our store. Everyone is invited, hop in and join the fun. Love is in the air, start getting multiple points from purchases made, and redeeming your rewards. Visit our website today to see the various gifts available for your loved ones.

      2020 Pre-Xmas Sale Awareness and Christmas Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

      Hurray!!! Christmas is around the corner. It’s an amazing time of the year that everyone has been waiting for. In this same season, every store, manufacturer, and seller is ready to share smiles on the faces of their buyers. Every store is happily giving out their products for sales with huge discounts. Winder store is heartily presenting her 2020 pre-Xmas sales.

      This promotion is open for all and sundry to participate in. It is one of the best offers in this season for decor lovers. Hurry and get a discount of 15% off when you buy 2 products with the code 285WIN or get a 20% discount when you buy 3 products with the code 380WIN.

      Here is a list of the top 3 products every decor lover would love to use to decorate their homes this season. In case you’d need to give a nice gift to your loved ones this season, any of these three could be lovely Christmas gift ideas to choose from.


      Farmhouse Tractor Tabletop Decor, Reversible ($12.99)

      The farmhouse tractor tabletop decor is a rustic wood looking decor that you wouldn’t want to miss this season. It has polished and distressed effects that give it a radiant look. This lovely decor for your home is printed with UV printed technology, which makes it hard to get scratched and would last throughout the festive period. This is a double-sided truck with two carts, having an inscription of Hello Fall on the green tractor side, and on the red tractor side, you will find the “Merry Christmas” sign boldly written. This means the decor can be used for Fall and Winter seasons. This decor can be ordered and sent as a Christmas gift to your loved ones. 


      Resin Christmas Ornaments ($39.99)

      For Xmas tree lovers, the box of resin Christmas ornaments is here to add up to your merriment. This is a beautiful set of 12 resin Christmas ornaments that can be used to decorate a gift box, used as a fridge design magnet, and also used to decorate Xmas trees. To create more fun, the names of your loved ones can be written on the ornaments with a dry erase marker. Kids, teenagers, friends, and family would love to have this ornament box as a Christmas gift. It can be hung at different parts of the house to announce the arrival of Christmas.

      16 Ounce Ceramic Floral Truck Coffee Mug ($27.99)

      If you are looking for a lovely gift for your loved ones this Xmas holiday, don’t crack your head about it. The 16-ounce ceramic Christmas truck coffee mug is here for you at an amazing discount. Coffee lovers should be ready to sip away the Xmas with this beautiful mug. It has a thick round base, with a sturdy handle. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. Make this set of 4 ceramic mugs a part of your home today. Also, don’t forget to share the love with friends and families.

      Get these hot products and many other available products at discounts on Winder stores this season. 

      Why You Need To Participate In The Pre-Xmas Sales

      Pre-Xmas sales are seasonal, and often last while there is stock. Now is the right time to take the chance and save more on deals. All you need to do is follow the instructions for placing your orders, enter the code, and have your gift item delivered to your doorstep. 


      In conclusion, it should be noted that various scamming sites are ready to take advantage of this season to rip you off your hard-earned cash. So, double-check and always make sure you are buying from a safe and secured site like

      Top Trending Fall Welcoming Ideas for Family and Friends in 2020

      welcome sign 

                                                              Crunchy leaves, sweater surprise

                                                             Pumpkin spice and everything nice


      Fall welcoming is one of the best rituals you can follow to live your life's happiest moments. With the cold breeze and falling leaves just around the corner, make you indoors cozy. Prepare your outdoors welcoming as the season is full of fun and family gatherings.

      So if you are looking to turn the cold breeze of your home into the warmth of affection, here are the top trending fall welcoming ideas for family. Simple DIYs to the minimalist arrangement but as perfect as the autumn blow.

      Best fall welcoming ideas for 2020

      Love welcoming signs

      One of the best fall welcoming ideas for the family is the placement of love welcoming signs at different house areas. The signs that will make family believe how tempestuous you feel to have them around.

      Place these cute trucks as love welcoming signs in your house to give your guests and family a warm welcome.

      A nice outdoor gleam

      Making your outdoors bright is an excellent sign of affectionate welcome in the time of dark fall nights. The sparkling lights will foster your warm, welcoming feeling to the upcoming ones.

      garden lights

      You can have one of these outdoor lights at your porch or gardens to make them shine bright in the cold breeze night. Lighting your outdoors and gardens are the best idea for welcoming anyone in the fall season.

      Welcoming DIY wreath

      Wreaths are sympathetic signs of love and affection to the upcoming ones. Decorating and placing a wreath on your entrance door will show people how welcoming you are. The view of the wreath on the door clearly depicts your warm hospitality towards your family and friends.

      Home affection

      Constructing the thoughts of home affection among your family members should be your top priority. You have to make them realize how beautiful it is to be home and with family. Try placing some signs of home affection around the house to make them remind of the love and warmth of the family and home.

      Check this fantastic home love décor piece for your tables and rooms. You can have them easily placed anywhere in the house. A perfect piece to express your emotions.

      Pumpkin decorations

      With the full-on swing pumpkin season, you can decorate your house be being creative with the pumpkins. Be creative with them, color them differently, design them according to the theme, or simply arrange them beautifully.

      You can decorate your indoors and outdoors with as many pumpkins as you can to be fun and creative with your welcoming thoughts.

      Cozy blanket welcome

      The addition of some extra blankets in your couches and bed will inspire the upcoming ones a lot. As the fall season brings a cold breeze with it, the blanket accessory in the house is an excellent way of welcoming.

      The indication of warmth and affection through extra care for the family and friends.

      Fall home décor

      Opt for home decor pieces that complement the fall season. It is an excellent way of welcoming guests over your place.

      You can select these types of home decor pieces for your home to welcome fall in the most stylish way.

      Hope these ideas will bring out the creative side of yourself, and you can be prepared to welcome fall for your family and friends in the most creative ways.


      (Special thanks: this article is created by our amazing contributor: Engr. Mahwish Moiz)

      10 Tips to Perfectly Decorate Your Home for Fall

      The magical season of fall is finally upon us. 

      During the months of September – October in the USA, you’re likely to notice a few trademark signs that autumn is in full bloom: pumpkin spice everything, haunted houses, pumpkin-patch picking, hayrides, multi-colored leaves, and an overabundance of fall-themed décor. 

      What’s not to love about this time of year?

      The best part about decorating your home for autumn is how you can create a unique combination of lighthearted fall vibes mixed with spooky Halloween vibes. Your design options are only limited to your imagination. 

      Get inspired to perfectly decorate your home for fall with these ten design tips below.

      1. Make Use of Mantles

      If you have a fireplace in your home, you probably have a mantle above it. If you don’t have a fireplace, maybe you have some other long shelf above/below your TV, bed, or another focal space. Either option can be used for “mantle decoration” to create a perfect autumn home; place fall-themed décor like this reversible fall/winter piece with a few small pumpkins.

      2. Wrap Garland Around Staircases or Posts

      Fall-themed garland is one of our favorite ways to decorate a house. Fake garland gives the allure of real floral elements without worrying that your decorative arrangement will wilt with time. Wrap your favorite fall garland around any posts outside your home or wrap it up and down your staircase railing. If you don’t have rails on your staircase, simply grab a piece of tape and secure it that way.

      3. Use Block Décor

      Block décor is trendy for year-round decorating. Blocks are versatile because they can be hung on the wall or sat on a flat surface. They also add dimension and depth to your space because of their 3D look. Try out this reversible block décor piece. One side says “Home” while the other says “Love”, and it comes with interchangeable magnetic seasonal icons- like a candy corn or turkey for autumn.

      4. Change up Your Welcome Sign

      Some people have a welcome sign or door wreath to compliment every season, and we think that’s a great idea if you want to keep your home perfectly decorated according to the time of year. What’s great about this truck welcome sign is it comes with ten seasonal icons you can interchange whenever you want. It covers every season all in one package.

      5. Mix Pumpkin Colors

      Long gone are the days of only decorating with orange pumpkins. Now, white and even multi-colored pumpkins are the trendiest way to decorate your home for fall. Place both white and orange pumpkins in groups of 2-3 for a small space, cluster them in larger groups for a grand display, or line your indoor/outdoor walkways. Try mixing in painted pumpkins as well.

      6. Liven Your Home’s Entrance

      Nothing screams autumn more than a well-crafted front-door entrance. Think small squares of hay, giant pumpkins (both orange and white), fake garland, an outdoor sign plus a door wreath, and one or two hanging flower baskets. Make use of outdoor lighting as well to create a cozy (or spooky) ambiance that highlights your focal décor arrangements. 

      7. Choose Fall-Colored Flowers

      To keep your home décor theme consistent with fall, opt for flowers that represent traditional autumn colors. Go for oranges, yellows, whites, reds, browns, or dark purples instead of bright and lively spring/summer colors. Keep the vibe of your home’s color scheme in mind the next time you decide to refreshen your flower vases during the autumn months.

      8. Don’t Forget About Windows

      One tip you cannot forget about is decorating your street-facing windows. Adding décor to your windowsills or on the pane itself increases curb appeal and the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. Fill your windowsills with battery-powered tealight candles or pumpkins, and don’t be afraid to dress up your windowpane with a fall wreath.

      9. Add a Table Runner to Your Dining Space

      Minimal tables come to life when spiced up with a table runner or tablecloth. The same goes for living room coffee tables or entryway tables. If your home has a table, add a fall-colored linen to make it feel and look ultra-cozy. Don’t be afraid to choose a linen with texture or a creative print for extra zing.

      10. Create Your Own Vibe

      There are a million different ways you can perfectly decorate your home for fall. The best tip we can give you is to just be creative and let your imagination run wild. Your home is your home, so decorate it however you choose. Whether your style is farmhouse rustic or minimal, pick décor pieces that correspond accordingly.

      Now, go load up on décor and have fun decorating your perfect autumn-themed home. Happy fall, ya’ll!


      (Special thanks: this article is created by our amazing contributor: Sarah E Ashley)